Smart Device Control Interface


  1. Able to control Toshiba air conditioning through the native APP on smartphone/tablet
  2. Remote control and monitoring are available wherever the internet connection is available
  3. Up to 32 IDUs can be controled

[Image] Smart Device Control Interface

System diagram

[Image] System diagram

Indoor connection

By connecting the smartphone/Tablet and wireless router via WiFi (locally connected), you can comfortably use it without worrying about the state of the internet line and the usage fee.

Outdoor connection

Operation of the air conditioner is possible even from outdoor via the Internet line.
In addition to checking the operating condition of the air conditioner, you can switch off the air conditioner when you forget or turn on before arrival.

List of Connectable Smart device

Demo operation

Demonstration screen may different from the actual screen.

Sample images

[Image] Sample images


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