Wave Tool Advance

"Wave Tool Advance" is an application software ("Application") for the Android or the iOS smartphone and for those who install and do maintenance to the compatible air conditioning equipment.
The application enables checks of some of the system and data and test operations of compatible air conditioning equipment. Please check the information about compatible air conditioning equipment and smartphone from the below URL titled in blue as "Objective products list" and "Smartphone models & OS Version".
Be sure to read the User Guide before the use of this application, "Wave Tool Advance".
*Please use the latest version to use all the function.

*Wave Tool Advance does not support Toshiba Air Conditioning SMMS-e series and Carrier XPOWER series.
*Please use the "SMMS Wave Tool" when using the SMMS-e series. You can download and install "SMMS Wave Tool" from the following link.

SMMS Wave Tool


Dear Customers, please click on the following button if you download and install this application.

  • Get it on Google Play
  • Get it on Google Play
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  • Download on the App Store

Android App is available by clicking on the following link, too.

Download Android App

User Guide

Download (PDF:9.87MB)

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