Toshiba Carrier Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Toshiba Carrier Corporation ("Toshiba Carrier") conducts business activities based on our management ideals and self-imposed operational standards, with the aims of contributing to society, acquiring the trust of all persons, and meeting the various expectations placed on Toshiba Carrier.

Your personal data is a precious asset that must be guarded diligently, and it is also an important resource for Toshiba Carrier as a source for creating new value. Toshiba Carrier handles your personal data in accordance with the following basic policy.

1. Basic policy

  • (1) Toshiba Carrier strictly observes the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data and other applicable Japanese laws, regulations and social norms regarding the handling of personal data. In addition, Toshiba Carrier has also established Internal Bylaws Concerning the Protection of Personal Data ("Toshiba Carrier Bylaws"), and strives diligently to reliably implement, maintain and continuously review these bylaws for improvement.
  • (2) Toshiba Carrier has established a management system for the protection of personal data, and endeavors to make sure that all company officers and employees are familiar with the Toshiba Carrier Bylaws.
  • (3) Toshiba Carrier uses personal data only for the indicated purpose and range of use. In addition, Toshiba Carrier will not disclose or provide personal data obtained from you, to any third party, without your agreement or other valid legal reason.
  • (4) Toshiba Carrier will strive to ensure that personal data is accurate and up to date, and to prevent personal data from being improperly accessed, lost, destroyed, illicitly altered, or leaked, etc.
  • (5) Toshiba Carrier will respond swiftly and in good faith to requests for disclosure, and other inquiries from persons, regarding their own personal data.

Effective October 1, 2001
Revised January 1, 2020

Toru Kubo, President & CEO
Toshiba Carrier Corporation

2. How personal data is used

When requesting personal data, Toshiba Carrier will indicate clearly, beforehand, how that personal data will be used, and will use that personal data only within the stated range. Should the need arise to use personal data in a manner that exceeds the range indicated in advance, Toshiba Carrier will contact you regarding the matter and obtain your agreement before such usage takes place.
For more information on how personal data held by Toshiba Carrier is used, see How personal data is used.

3. Provision of personal data to third parties

  • (1) Toshiba Carrier will not disclose or provide your personal data to any third party, except in the following cases.
    • 1) With the agreement of the person(s) concerned.
    • 2) When required to do so by law or legal process.
    • 3) When necessary to protect the life, safety or property of others, and the agreement of the person concerned is difficult to obtain.
    • 4) When entrusting the handling of personal data to a third party, within the range needed to achieve the stated purpose of use.
    • 5) When business activities are taken over as a result of mergers, corporate splits, business transfer, or other reasons.
  • (2) Irrespective of the stipulations stated in (1) above, when Toshiba Carrier considers a situation appropriate to have a Toshiba Carrier affiliate or agent, or a Toshiba Corporation affiliate (including Toshiba Corporation) respond to customer inquiries regarding products, repair or service, Toshiba Carrier may provide the customer's name, address, telephone number and other personal data to these affiliated companies, etc.

However, in such case you may also request that Toshiba Carrier not provide your personal data to affiliated companies, etc.

4. Inquiries concerning personal data

  • (1) Inquiries concerning your own personal data should be made to the division where the personal data was registered (in the case of a website, the division in charge of managing that website). (Contact Us)
  • (2) General inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy, and inquiries when the division in which your personal data was registered is unknown, should be made to the Personal Data Protection Liaison.

5. Other

  • (1) This Privacy Policy concerns the handling of personal data by Toshiba Carrier Corporation and domestic affiliates within Japan, and does not apply to overseas subsidiaries of Toshiba Carrier.
  • (2) Please be aware that it may be necessary to provide personal data, in order to use someservices provided by Toshiba Carrier (including the services of some websites operated by Toshiba Carrier).
  • (3) Children under 16 years of age should only provide personal data, after receiving the consent of their parent or guardian. (Elementary and junior high school students should discuss the matter thoroughly with their parent or guardian.)
  • (4) Calls made to the Toshiba Carrier Customer Service Hotline and other numbers may be recorded to ensure that customer requests and comments are not missed.
  • (5) Toshiba Carrier uses cookies and web beacons to provide better services on our websites. For details, please refer to Use of Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technologies.
  • (6) Toshiba Carrier cannot be held responsible for ensuring the safety of personal data at other companies' websites, that which may be accessed through links on Toshiba Carrier's websites.
  • (7) Toshiba Carrier reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy, without notice, for the purpose of better protecting your personal data, and in accordance with changes in Japanese laws and regulations.

How personal data is used

Toshiba Carrier uses personal data for the following purposes.

1. Personal data of customers and potential customers

  • (1) Product shipping
  • (2) Sending information on products,services and special promotions
  • (3) Providing product support and maintenance
  • (4) Responding to inquiriesand consultations
  • (5) Issuing warranty certificates and providing warranty service
  • (6) Providing various membership services
  • (7) Product development, questionnaire surveys and market monitoring activities
  • (8) Execution of contracts
  • (9) Negotiations, discussions and other interactions with customer

2. Personal data concerning government and public workers, and other public servants

Liaison, reports, inquiries and other communication, with the authorities concerned, when necessary for business operations.

3. Personal data related to company officers and employees of suppliers, clients, and other companies

  • (1) Liaison, negotiations and other communication necessary for business operations
  • (2) Management of supplier and client information, payments and receipts

4. Personal data concerning job applicants

  • (1) Providing hiring and other information, and in communicating with job applicants(including internships)
  • (2) Management of Toshiba Carrier hiring operations

The main business field in which Toshiba Carrier uses personal data is as follows.

Air conditioning equipment (home and commercial)


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